Windows Client Connection with User Certificates

Starting the Connection

Open the Network & Internet > VPN settings.

EAP-TLS Connect

Select the EAP-TLS connection and click on Connect. If no error messages are issued and EAP-TLS connected status appears after a while, the VPN connection has been successfully established.

EAP-TLS Disconnect

Connection Status

Open the Network Connections displaying all network adapters.

Active EAP-TLS Network Adapter

Right-click on the EAP-TLS WAN Miniport (IKEv2) adapter and select Status. The General tab shows the number of sent and received bytes in real-time.

EAP-TLS Status

In the Details tab more information on the established connection is shown.

EAP-TLS Status Details

Stopping the Connection

In the Network & Internet > VPN settings, click on Disconnect of the EAP-TLS connection

EAP-TLS Disconnect