curl Plugin


The curl plugin for libstrongswan allows to fetch CRLs and exchange OCSP messages using the libcurl library based on file:, http:, https: and ftp: URIs.

The plugin is disabled by default and can be enabled with the ./configure option



The curl plugin can fetch data via HTTPS if libcurl has been built with a TLS backend.

To use the TLS backend in a multi-threaded environment, that backend must be explicitly initialized before use. The curl plugin does not do that by itself, but relies on the appropriate strongSwan crypto plugin for doing so. This implies that a corresponding strongSwan crypto plugin is required which matches the TLS backend that curl uses:

  • If libcurl uses OpenSSL as a backend, then --enable-openssl is required when building strongSwan in order to support fetching via HTTPS.

  • Likewise, if libcurl uses GnuTLS as a backend, --enable-gcrypt is needed to fetch via HTTPS.

  • For an NSS-based libcurl TLS backend, no dependency in strongSwan that is able to initialize fetching via HTTPS.