swanctl --uninstall


swanctl --uninstall --child <name> [--ike <name>]

swanctl --uninstall --help


This swanctl subcommand uninstalls a trap, drop or bypass policy defined by a CHILD SA. Optionally an IKE SA can be indicated under which the CHILD SA can be found.


--child    (-c)  CHILD_SA configuration to install
--ike      (-i)  name of the connection to which the child belongs

--raw      (-r)  dump raw response message
--pretty   (-P)  dump raw response message in pretty print
--debug    (-v)  set debug level, default: 1
--options  (-+)  read command line options from file
--uri      (-u)  service URI to connect to
--help     (-h)  show usage information


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