xauth-noauth Plugin


The xauth-noauth plugin for libcharon is an IKEv1 XAuth server backend. It does actually not send a username/password request, but directly sends XAuth-Succcess to skip XAuth authentication. It is useful for clients that insist on doing XAuth but it is actually not intended by the administrator. Authentication relies on the client RSA private key, only. The plugin is also useful for iOS / macOS clients, where it can be used to survive ISAKMP reauthentication.

The plugin is disabled by default and can be enabled with the ./configure option



To authenticate clients with this backend, set:

connections {
  <conn>: {
    remote-rsa {
      auth = pubkey
    remote-xauth {
      auth = xauth-noauth
    version = 1
    # ...

Please note that setting remote-xauth = xauth does not use the xauth-noauth plugin for security reasons, even if it is the only available XAuth backend.