swanctl --stats


swanctl --stats

swanctl --stats --help


This swanctl subcommand shows infos and statistics of the charon daemon.


--raw      (-r)  dump raw response message
--pretty   (-P)  dump raw response message in pretty print
--debug    (-v)  set debug level, default: 1
--options  (-+)  read command line options from file
--uri      (-u)  service URI to connect to
--help     (-h)  show usage information


  • Show statistics of VPN gateway moon

$ swanctl --stats

uptime: 4 seconds, since Oct 18 10:20:03 2021
worker threads: 16 total, 11 idle, working: 4/0/1/0
job queues: 0/0/0/0
jobs scheduled: 6
IKE_SAs: 2 total, 0 half-open
mallinfo: sbrk 3776512, mmap 0, used 3015456, free 761056
loaded plugins: charon-systemd test-vectors pem pkcs1 openssl curl revocation nonce xcbc cmac ctr ccm vici kernel-netlink socket-default updown